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Who is the real culprit?

A SHORT STORY FOR THOSE BEAUTIES WHO ENDURE THE TERRIBLE PAIN. She assumed herself the luckiest girl on this universe that night. It seemed to her that nobody in the earth could enjoy the life at this level. Her previous trip to Thailand went super-cool and now in next month she was going to marry […]

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Coronavirus: A monstrous “Zombie”

What is corona viruses? From where does this virus begin? What precautionary measures should be adopted in order to protect ourselves? How much are the patients going to suffer? These kind of innumerable questions are arising in our heads after the outbreak of corona virus. Corona virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China. This egregious […]

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The top listed "thrilling novels" that will stick to your mind

“A book is a gift that you can open again and again”. — Garrison Keillor. Yes! books are the precious gifts, I would rather call each book “An incredible world”. This world when explored opens up a pile of dizzying ideas that facinate our imagination. These incredible paperbacks successfully land our mind on a timeless […]

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Greeting the healthy lifestyle

We all are in love with delicious food, beverages and the yummy drinks. Imagine a deserted life having no pizzas and no burgers. Oh my god! Waite what? No burgers? Are you serious? No man. Burgers are my love and I am not gonna survive a single second without my lifeline. So, you see how […]

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